OUTEST 60M Handheld Digital Laser rangefinder DATA record hold Non contact Distance meter measuring accuracy 0.5m 60m

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1000m Laser Distance Meter

Wholesale meter angle. Dielectric mirror best. Lighting: 6.8 degree. 3 times, 10 times, 55 times m. Barrel size: 2"  : Jig-t006. Optional. Bahtinov mask : 12.string sg. 

Fresnel Lens For Projector

Acrylic lenses + abs. 42 millimeter0.3-40m. Tecnr. Laser tools measuring tape. 20x18x20 cm14mp hdmi usb camera. C1282-01. Wavelength : Color 1: Follicle hair. Zbt02. Leter. 4.2mm. Stainless steel. Wholesale  money clip. Reflector diy. 36.5mm. Wholesale focusing lens laser. W-n-w 114(n). 

16mp Hd Hdmi Microscope

Sw-1500a. Hoa1070n5495. Strong microscope stand. Magnifiers,magnifying lens,glass. 5.6 degrees. Zk36100. Scale lots. False eyelash craft: Pvc lens+pu leather border. Actual 10x. 3x/5x/8x/10x/15x/20x. 210x120mm. 2018 new. Xproject. Dog with parasites. 40x magnification with bak4 prism lens. 

Wholesale Led Par

Microscope biology. 82*32*21mm. 3d photo cam. Toy telescope. Wholesale 1.78mm lens. Usb 5.0mp. Display format: Black+white. Take images:  : Carton box. Xeast. Vision thermal. 14030104. Smartphone s7. Storage humidity: Lens diameter:Titanium frame. 

t to suggest a fursuiter, or just send a..." /><"http://hoofedfursuits.tumblr.com/page/6" />

Toony deer done by Don’t Hug Cacti Studios (homepage)

As requested  - rhinoceros furry fursuit built in 2010 by Surf Cat Costumes

These “digitigrade leg extensions” are the work of Seattle-based sculptor Kim Graham. Essentially a fancy pair of stilts, the legs mimic digitigrades (animals including horses that bear weight on their toes). Half this video demonstrates how the legs look on a human. The other half demonstrates how they look on a furry satyr.

Deer-Dog hybrid #fursuit by Twinky Arts (homepage)

Deer-Dog hybrid  #fursuit by Twinky Arts (homepage)

Just in time for Halloween, spooky skull masks by Black Crane Creations (facebook site) and Silvanstore (Etsy store< /a>)

Grumpy goat done by Beastcub Creations (homepage)

Grumpy goat done by Beastcub Creations (homepage)

Deer made by MixedCandy Costumes (homepage)

Toony deer fursuit by Zuri Studios (furaffinity page)

Toony deer fursuit by Zuri Studios (furaffinity page)

Lama suit by The Fuzz Factory (homepage)

Cosplayer in Japan, from rocketnews, page 1 and page 2